VCS Group provides a cohesive strategy to manage and minimize the risks of indoor and outdoor pollution.
Our highly specialised sanitation processes are structured in order to ensure the total prevention of disease outbracks in the working and living environments. The standardized sanitation procedures ensure the legal protection of our customers while our treatments are certified and guaranteed under the current regulations.

Thanks to accurate prilimary studies, we detect, control, and evaluate the risks connected with an uncorrect maintenance of the industrial plants (AC and hydro-sanitary systems), that are the main cause of dangerous, even deadly, pathologies.

Once detected the risky factor, VCS Group proposes to its clients a corrective action to eliminate the contamination and restoring the optimal conditions of the plants and the environment. We also ensure our clients a report containing accurate and reliable test results, and the certification of hygienical and sanitary suitability of the treated plants according to the limits forseen by the national and international techincal rules (norms/laws) to be presented to the designated control authorities.

We promote a culture of respects and social responsability for human health and the security of the work environments. This is why we consider our business a moral commitment: respecting laws and environmental regulations is the only way we can ensure an uncontaminated and liveable environment to the future generations while protecting the imagine of your brand.

We grant you a healty environment and protect you indoor comfort!